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Cardinal and Black Games 2020
Cardinal and Black Games 2020
Cardinal and Black Games 2020
Cardinal and Black Games 2020
Cardinal and Black Games
Cardinal and Black Games


Requirements Before Tryouts:

There are required forms that need to be filled out correctly and uploaded to Dragonflymax prior to the first day of tryouts. If at least one form is not correct or uploaded/turned into SYSTEM by the first session, that player will not be allowed on the field until it is correct/completed.

"When a student and their parent fills out the Pre-Participation Physical portion digitally, they must print this page out with the back of the form for the doctor to sign. Both pages should be taken to the doctor for the physical. If a parent says “Yes” on the first page it signifies this with a number in the DF system. Please make sure parents take both sides of the form and they are seen by the doctor."

It is a benefit for the pre-participation to be completed online, but parents need to know that they will need a hard copy of the information when it comes time for the physical.

Link to the documents:




Forms needed:

AHSAA Participation Consent Form

Physical Form

Concussion Form 2020-2021

Link to Dragonfly Max: https://www.dragonflymax.com/

They are to select Sparkman High School as their school and the code is NYJ75M

Everyone will need to complete all DragonFly requirements before soccer tryouts. Your DragonFly site

must show a green circle with the word “Ready” in the middle of the circle.



October October 20-22 from 4-6 p.m

Girls Registration starts at 3:15 on 20 October.

Girls Team Selection Announcement: 24 October 2020

BOYS SOCCER Verification / Player# Pickup:

Oct. 21 - 22 – 4-6 pm

DragonFly Verification / Assistance Check – Sparkman High School Stadium

Player Tryout # Bibs/Sign-up - Sparkman High School Stadium



Boys Soccer Tryout Schedule:

Oct. 26th (Monday) - 5:30 pm freshman, 7:30 pm sophomore/junior

Oct. 28th (Wednesday) - 5:30 pm sophomore, 7:30 pm junior/senior

Oct. 29th (Thursday) - 5:30 pm freshman/sophomore (11v11), 7:30 pm junior/senior (11v11)

Oct. 30th/31st - Announcement of teams on "https://www.sparkmansoccer.com/"


Requirements at Tryouts:

1. Remember to bring a MASK! Players are required to wear a mask when entering and

exiting the field.

2. Remember to bring hand sanitizer for their personal use only.

3. Remember to bring water (labeled/marked) and stay hydrated! “NO sharing of water

between players”.

4. Remember NO sitting together while getting ready for tryout and water breaks.

5. For your FIRST night of tryout, arrive at the fields 30-minutes early to go through the

check-in process and get your temperature checked. See the above schedule for your

tryout times.

6. Go to the check-in table next to the turf field. Please wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart.

7. Please have your bib/player number showing at all times for the coaches during tryouts.

a. Place it on the back of your shirt or one of the legs of your shorts.

8. All parents must stay in their vehicles during tryouts to reduce the number of people in the

entrance area to the field.

9. For the last two days, players must still check-in at the tent to have their temperature

checked at least 15-minutes prior to the start of tryout. If the player lost/damaged their

player bib/number another bib/player number can be issued at the tent check-in.

Players, you will only be allowed to the field the nights you are required to be there!

Coaching Staff


Brad Vinson

Faculty Representative - Varsity Boys Soccer

Jeff Sallas

Head Coach - Freshman Boys

Robert Rolfsen

Head Coach - JV Boys Soccer

Rebecca Jennings

Head Coach - JV Girls Soccer

Joshua Horne

Head Coach - Varsity Boys Soccer

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Cardinal and Black Games 2020