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Michal Lynn Hoener, Soccer Booster Club President




Backpack Personalization

The following is from Gina Menold, our freshman team manager who is coordinating backpack embroidery: Parents and Players, I am able to extend the deadline for name embroidery on the player backpacks. I will be located at Field 8 at the Decatur Soccer Complex from approximately 1:00-3:00. Please empty your bag, put $5 in the bag, zip up all pockets, CLEARLY write your last name on a piece of paper, include what team you are on, and staple it to the handle of the bag. Based on number of bags, they should be returned in 2-3 weeks. We are NOT responsible for misspellings. Make sure your name is LARGE and CLEARLY written. Include the team you play on in small lettering as well. You may also bring your bag to Boston butt pick up. One of the booster board members will collect and deliver to Gina. Thank you, Michal Lynn Hoener SHS Soccer Booster Club, President

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