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Michal Lynn Hoener, Soccer Booster Club President




Good Sportsmanship in Spectator Conduct

Parents, As we begin our season, we need to be mindful of our conduct as we cheer for our teams. When we play games at Sparkman High School, we are hosting another school. We should always hold ourselves to a high standard and act as gracious hosts. It is standard practice to have all fans sitting on the home side of our stadium for soccer games. The visitor side will be roped off for any future home games to avoid having anyone near the players. I would like for our visitors to feel welcome and for all of us to represent our school and our soccer program in a positive way. Emotions often run high, especially when the game or a call does not go our way. There should never be an instance where anyone from either school feels threatened. I ask that we refrain from profanity, especially when addressing parents from opposing schools. There are often younger siblings at our games, and they should be able to enjoy watching their brother or sister play without hearing profanity and negativity. Thank you.

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