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Jill Casey, SHS Soccer Board




Soccer Field Work Day

Calling All Parents/Guardians, Players, and Sparkman Soccer Supporters,

Saturday, February 5, 2022, we will need many hands to make light work to get our Soccer Fields and shed in tip top shape before we start the 2022 SOCCER SEASON. WooHOO!!

Please plan on coming out, whether for an hour or several hours, we'll be glad to have you! Bring any tools that will help accomplish the jobs listed below.

WHEN: Saturday, February 5, 2022
TIME: 11:00 AM

Items that we plan to address include:
1) Line the grass field (Cindy Vichinsky has volunteered to lead this.)
2) Find & fill holes in the grass field
3) Trash pickup around field and shed
4) Weed-whacking along grass field fence lines / boundaries
5) Moving bleachers and other equipment (if necessary)
6) Removing unwanted / unneeded items from shed
7) Weed-whacking around shed
😎 Clearing equipment from the walkway around shed
9) Change lock on shed
10) Install new nets on goals
11) Fill new sand bags
12) Fill more soccer balls with air
13) Hang advertisement banners

Wear warm clothing. The forecast calls for full sun but it will be VERY cold.
This is one of the areas we can ALL chip in to help the program and start the season on a good foot! See you Saturday!!
Thank you!

Sparkman Soccer Booster Club

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