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Margerita Rolfsen, SHS Soccer Booster Board



Team Photos

Soccer pictures will be Friday, January 29, 2021. Please make sure each player brings their personal uniform that will be distributed next week.

Girls will take pictures first @ 2:00pm. Girls that are participating in virtual school or did not come to SHS that day need to arrive and be ready at 2pm to take their pictures first.

Boys will start @ 3:00pm and will follow the same procedures as the girls, meaning if any boys are virtual they need to arrive on time and take their pictures first.

**Seniors, please be aware that the photographer, Shuttleman, will need a parent email contact. After pictures are taken, every senior will need to go on his website & register like they are buying the banner to pick the pose they want on their senior banner. They will not be purchasing the banner as the soccer board will pay for every senior banner. Seniors will get to keep the banners at the end of the season.

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